Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi breaks down saying, ‘I am infertile. I can't get pregnant'; here's how partner Sangram Singh reacted to it

Kangana Ranaut's show ‘Lock Upp’ keeps making news for its sensational content. The show has managed to grab all the attention in the OTT space

The recent promo shows Payal Rohatgi sharing something very personal on camera.

The actress is seen crying her heart out in front of a camera, revealing that she is 'infertile and can’t have kids

By saying that Sangram loves kids and they have been trying to have kids since 4-5 years, but she is unable to get pregnant

She also talked about a troll who called her 'Baanjh'

Later, she is shown sharing all this with the other contestants also

Sangram says, ‘I want a mad child like you’. I said, ‘I can't give you, don’t get married to me, get married to a girl who can give you a child.'