it is confirmed that  Tejaswi Prakash is the new lead in Naagin 6.

The new season is based on the storyline that Naagin is here to save the world from the pandemic.

We now know that Tejaswi Prakash is the new Naagin but is she the Shesh Naagin Ekta is talking apparently not and that we will have to wait to confirm that on 12th February.

And the channel posted a very cryptic promo for Naagin 6.

Ekta Kapoor also hinted at another Naagin and it has fans excited.

The new Promo for Naagin was posted by Ekta Kapoor on her Instagram and it is the first look of Tejaswi in her Naagin Avatar

The Show Naagin has become an iconic show and fans are eagerly waiting for the new season which will air on 12th February.

Tejaswi Prakash and Simba Nagpal will be the lead pair on the new Season of Naagin.