Head writer Jeremy Slater explains the origins of Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight costume, and how the suit is different from other MCU superhero designs

New Moon Knight episodes will drop every Wednesday until May 4, the week that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters.

Glimpse of the transformation in Moon Knight episode 1, with the character's white costume forming around him as Marc took over control from Steven.

Now, in anticipation of today's episode 2 release, Slater takes to Twitter to share how the creative team settled on Moon Knight's new look.

Isaac's Moon Knight costume, by contrast, does a good job of highlighting both the supernatural and Egyptian origins of the character's power

As Slater mentions, Tony Stark's nanotech has been a strong motif in MCU costuming, particularly when it comes to conjuring up a super-suit from thin air.

Moon Knight persona suddenly appear as if from within, creating tension similar to Bruce Banner's Hulk transformations.

Marvel viewers are eager to get a better look at what Isaac's suit can do in the remaining Moon Knight episodes.