9 Reasons Why A Film Like KGF Works

‘KGF’ is deeply entrenched in the motif of swag and its strength lies in it.


The interconnecting parallels and lines between characters is like a move within a Marquez novel but with a Godfather touch.

2. Pace

In this day and age of instant gratification, the makers of ‘KGF’ are well aware of the tactics to keep audiences engaged.

3. Swag

You cannot miss Yash’s swagger either in his dialogue or in his personality. ‘KGF’ is deeply entrenched in the motif of swag and its strength lies in it.

4. Mass Entertainer

Films from the South, the likes of ‘Pushpa’, ‘RRR’ and ‘KGF’ for example, are solid prototypes of modern-day mass entertainers

5. One-Man Show


One of the reasons why South films work so well — while Hindi films are experimenting and trying to be more inclusive and politically correct — is because of their heroes.

6. Action and Violence

However, as seen in art forms like movies, demi-god heroes perform levels of action that people become fans of. And, ‘KGF’ is no exception.

7. Ideology

Stories becoming live, fiction becoming reality and a working-class hero becoming a king by sheer might. ‘KGF’ taps into the emotions, everyday

8. Visual Storytelling

‘KGF’ has a rich colour palette. Its tonality changes with the psychological states of its hero. In the pre-enlightenment stage, i.e. when Yash is fighting for his own personal ambition

9. The Yash Factor

‘KGF’ is a film that stays with you long after it's over. One of the primary reasons why that happens is because of the way Yash portrays his character Rocky in the film