UPSC IAS 2021 Preparation Tips & Tricks

UPSC IAS prelims exam to be conducted on October 10, 2021. Check the UPSC IAS 2021 tips and tricks to revise the syllabus within the last 10 days here.


The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) will conduct the preliminary examination of the civil services on October 10, 2021. Aspirants taking the exam on October 10, have already been preparing rigorously for the last many months, however, there are a couple of UPSC IAS tips and tricks to revise the syllabus within the last 10 days, which may prove beneficial for the candidates during the fag end of preparation of the exam.

Some of the important tips and tricks to finish the UPSC IAS syllabus within a previous couple of days include thorough revision, a study from flashcards and short notes, manage the time well, avoid distractions.

UPSC IAS 2021: Tips and tricks to revise the syllabus within the last 10 days

Revise first the topics about which one is confident – one among the important tricks to finish the revision of the UPSC IAS exam syllabus is to first and foremost revise those topics about which one is confident. this may not take much time and if a huge section of the syllabus is completed soon then it’ll boost the arrogance of the candidates.

Back the revision by solving UPSC CSE Question Papers – the primary half of the day should be dedicated to completing the revision of the syllabus and therefore the last half should get on solving the UPSC civil services exam question papers during a time-bound manner. this may help the candidates to acclimatize themselves with the way they might answer the questions on the day of the exam.

Avoid taking over a replacement topic or subject – As a part of UPSC IAS 2021 tips and tricks isn’t to select any new subject, topic, book, or study material and this is often a strict no. taking over a replacement subject or topic will completely derail the preparation.

Time Management – consistent with the UPSC CSE exam tips and tricks, within the last leg of the preparation one must divide their time in such how that the vast syllabus for the prelims exam is revised thoroughly. the necessity of the hour is to line targets supported hours and divide the day into three quarters. Candidates should divide the day into 12 hours and break it into three hours each and set a target for them.

Avoid Distractions – As this is often the foremost precious phase of the UPSC IAS recruitment process, aspirants are advised to not waste even one second on unnecessary and time-killing activities like watching movies, TV shows, visiting places, friends and family get together.

Take UPSC IAS Mock Tests – so as to fine-tune the preparation a crucial tip and trick to crack the UPSC IAS exam is to unravel mock tests. Since only ten days are left for the exam, candidates must make sure that they solve a minimum of one mock test during a time-bound manner. this will be done by subscribing to either online or offline test series also.

Take short breaks, but don’t extend – During the continual hustling sessions, taking an opportunity is mandatory, alternatively, an aspirant will forget whatever they need to be studied. Candidates must take short tea/coffee breaks, continue short walks, do some stretching, and take short naps to remain rejuvenated. However, they need to not extend these short breaks, as they need a mighty mountain to climb.

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