Who is Pradeep Mehra? And why is he trending on social media? Find out here

During the midnight hours of last night, #PradeepMehra was trending on social media due to a McDonald’s employee, Pradeep Mehra, 19, running on the roads of Noida.

Who is Pradeep Mehra and why is he Viral over the Internet

Pradeep, who was running 10 kilometers back home, attracted the attention of filmmaker Vinod Kapri. As part of his preparations to join the Indian Army, he expressed the desire to run. Kapri shared the dialogue between the two, with the video captioned, ‘This is PURE GOLD.’ This brings to notice that the young man preferred to run his way back home rather than accept the offered lift via Kapri’s car.

Capri shoots the video from his car while driving alongside the young man, who he claims is rushing home from work after working at McDonald’s. Although Mr. Mehra is offered a lift, he insists he prefers to run home because he wouldn’t have had time to run otherwise.

Pradeep Mehra

A few netizens reacted later by encouraging the Uttarakhand teen who went viral after stating, “The world bows down to hard work.”

Is Someone Help Pradeep Mehra?

Lieutenant General Satish Dua (Retd.) praised the boy’s efforts and offered to help. “His Josh is commendable, and to help him pass the recruitment tests on his merit, I’ve spoken to Lt Gen Rana Kalita, the commander of the Eastern Army. He’s doing his part to train him for recruitment into the KUMAON Regiment. Jai Hind”

What Celebrity Tweet about Pradeep Mehra

The future of our country is in capable hands with this child,’ Badshah wrote in response to Bachpan Ka Pyaar Sahdev Dirdo’s viral video.

In the presence of his brother, a media channel visited his home and his studio. During the media outlet’s conversation with Mehra, the boy was unavailable on the phone for over two hours, causing an outcry on the internet.

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A number of celebrities and politicians praised the boy for his dedication and hard work, and guess what, the video also caught the attention of Union Minister Smriti Irani. Pradeep was showered with love and praise from the Union Minister.

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In a video she posted on Instagram, Smriti Irani called Pradeep Mehra a “hero” and an inspiration. “As a parent, you are always on the lookout for examples your kids can learn from, values they can imbibe, life lessons that leave a lasting impression. They say heroes come with feet of clay but some heroes hit the ground running .. they inspire as they aspire .. Pradeep .. a hero hopeful for a place in the Indian Army now firmly placed in the heart of millions of Indians.. an inspiration.. (sic),” she wrote.

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