Now open Fixed Deposit Online with Google Pay in India

Now open Fixed Deposit Online with Google Pay?

If you would like to Open FD in India then you’ll now roll in the hay using GPay, Yes! Google Pay is offering Fixed Deposit Online with Google Pay in India without having a checking account, so if you would like to understand How? then do read this Post.

Google Pay has partnered with Equitas Small Finance Bank for FD on the payments platform without opening a checking account to let people access this facility in India at a better than average rate of 6.23%, you’ll take this benefit at your end as now you’ll also open Fixed Deposit Online with Google Pay in India without having checking account if you were thinking to try to so in recent times.

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Fixed Deposit is one among the foremost trusted schemes in our Indian environment which individuals believe and safest too. most people with checking account choose it once during a lifetime for a specific time span, Google is now offering it through Google Pay of opening a hard and fast Deposit (FD) without having any checking account, in affiliation with Equitas Small Finance providing a rate of interest at 6.23 percent that’s a pleasant deal compared to several other banks, but how you’ll do it? Let’s skills you’ll open FD with Google Pay without having a checking account.

What are GPay Fix Deposit Plan and the way it works?

The partnership works on Setu, an API infrastructure startup, to supply FD services by Equitas Small Finance bank. it’s also working with Ujjivan and AU small finance banks to bring their services, beta version of API book FD of varied tenures with interest rates starting from 3.5 percent to six .35 percent for the one-year plan. All you would like maybe a minimum of seven days and a maximum of up to one year of deposits that need mandatory Aadhaar and OTP-based KYC verification.

The minimum deposit value for Google Pay FD starts from Rs.5000 and goes up to Rs.90000 max at a rate of interest of,

7 – 29 days = 3.5%
30 – 45 days= 3.5%
46 – 90 days= 4%
91 – 180 days= 4.75%
181 – 364 days= 5.25%
365 – 365 days= 6.35%
Senior citizens are eligible for extra 0.50% p.a
depending upon your duration for a way long you’re investing your money into it as it’s a secure choice to choose.

open Fixed Deposit Online with Google Pay
open Fixed Deposit Online with Google Pay


How to open Fixed Deposit Online with Google Pay in India without having to check account Steps

  • Go to Google Pay and appearance for Bills & Business Section
  • Under that Click on Explore More
  • Search for Equitas Small Finance Bank
  • Open Eduitas FD option
  • Now Click on Invest Now and choose Citizenship
  • Enter your required amount and Duration you would like to place in FD through GPay
  • Proceed to KYC and Enter the details of your Aadhar card as a personal identification number
  • Enter your Google Account, Aadhar, and PAN to Verify for the last time
  • Now Pay the quantity using UPI through Google Pay to take a position in FD
  • You get a confirmation of your Fix Deposit opening and therefore the interest will start coming automatically.

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FAQ about Google Pay FD Scheme:

Is it safe?

Definitely, it’s safe as it’s coming from two reliable sources and by not any random roadside sellers or brokers, Google has partnered with Setu Equitas Banks to form it possible for its users who are willing to urge a hard and fast deposit. Also, it’s an RBI regulated scheduled full-service bank

Is there any difference between real FDs and GPay FD?

No there’s no difference as both have maturity options but yes here you’re getting benefits of more interest rates compared to other banks outside which supply lower interest rates on FD plans.

What Happens Once my FD get Matured?

Once your FD gets matured, the maturity amount is going to be transferred to your checking account, at an equivalent checking account used while paying for the FD at the time of booking.

Can I Withdraw My FD Anytime I want?

You can close your FD any time before the maturity through the Google Pay app. once you choose pre-mature withdrawal, the rate of interest applicable will depend upon what percentage days you held the FD for but your principal amount is going to be safe in the least times.

In the end, we wish to say that if you’ve got the other queries or doubts so kindly take a suggestion from your personal CA or nearby Bank branches because it is a Money investment so to get on the safe side, it is often good to doubt sure. This post is simply for information purposes and if you wish it so you’ll share it also with others.

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