Online Application for a House of Rs 9 Lakh in Greater Noida From Today

For those who want to buy their own house, Greater Noida Authority has come up with a special scheme. Under this scheme, you can buy a house for yourself for Rs 9 lakh. Not only this, you do not even have to wait for possession at home. After the allotment is done through the draw system, you will get possession of your house as soon as the full amount is paid.

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If you also want to participate in this scheme, then let us tell you that the authority is taking online applications from today. There are more than 15 hundred houses in this scheme of Greater Noida Authority. While single stories are built on 120 to 200 sqm land, flats have also been built in 70 to 104 sqm area. An online application can be made after depositing 10 percent of the total fixed price. Whereas after allotment, 20 percent of the total price will have to be deposited in 60 days.

What size flats are there?

According to the officials of the authority, flats of 70 sqm and 104 sqm have been built in Sector Omicron One A. Applications can be made for 521 flats of 70 sqm and 471 flats of 104 sqm in this sector. Its price is 30 and 45 lakh rupees. There are 30 BHK flats in Sector MU II. Their price has been fixed at Rs 9 lakh. Apply online for buying 59 flats in Ju 3, 42 2 BHK flats in Etah 2, 30 3 BHK 3 BHK and 2 BHK Deluxe 18 flats in Omicron One, 75 3 BHK 3 BHK, and 221 1 BHK 1 BHK flats in Sector 12. the facility is available.

Single story house worth Rs 59 lakh

The scheme of the single-story house has also been brought by the Greater Noida Authority. Single story houses are built in an area of ​​120 to 200 sqm. The cost of a 120 sqm house has been fixed at Rs 59 lakh. 

While the cost of a 200 sqm house has been fixed at Rs 83 lakh. Sector Jue 1 has 12 houses of 200 sqm, while Sector Jue 2 of 120 sqm has 15 and Jue 3 has 86 houses. In both flat and single-story plans, you can get a house in installment also. 

But those who take the house by paying a lump sum amount will be given preference by the Greater Noida Authority. Optional options have been given on the authority’s website for online applications.

You can also buy 122 plots in Noida, here is the rate of plot

Noida Authority is accepting online applications for 122 plots from October 28. The last date for acceptance of applications is till the evening of 17 November. Online bidding will be held on 16th and 17th December. An allotment letter will be issued to the highest bidder in December itself. Plots ranging from 92 sqm to 400 sqm have been included in 122 plots.

Sector wise plot rates have also been issued by the authority. According to the authority Rs 1.88 lakh sqm in Sector-44B, Rs 1 lakh in Sector-44, 93B, 97597 in Sector-51, 92250 in Sector-35, 47, Rs 69649 in Sector-105, Sector-34, 49, 61 68029 in , 71, 72 and Rs 64790 in Sector-33, 41, 48, 53, 56 have been fixed at Rs.

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