iPhone 13 Full Specification: Release Date, Price, Colors

Apple’s new iPhone 13 is very likely to debut on September 14, and you’ll be ready to buy the phone soon then. the corporate has confirmed its next launch for that date, and we’ve been hard at work rounding up and cutting through the key new iPhone leaks.

  • Released September 2021
  • Price starts at $699 / £699
  • Possibly two new colors Design
  • largely unchanged Smaller notch
  • Upgraded camera Biggest camera
  • upgrade for Pro Smooth-scrolling screen on Pros New,
  • powerful A15 chipset
  • More storage, up to 1TB models
  • Larger batteries for every model

New iPhone rumors are arising from a spread of sources for the previous couple of months, and we’ve now got a transparent picture of many of the likely specs of the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 mini.

We even have an honest idea of the likely design of those phones and have seen numerous leaked images. For those of you who are light on time, we’ve to hamper the rumors into a handy, bite-sized portion below, while further down you will find tons more depth where we explain everything you’ve got to understand about the new iPhone range.

iPhone 13 release date: September 14 is probably going when we’ll hear about the iPhone 13. Apple is hosting an occasion thereon the date, and it’s almost bound to be the day we hear about any new devices.

iPhone 13 price: Expect an identical price to the iPhone 12 range, with one leak suggesting it’ll be precisely the same. The iPhone 12 mini – the most cost-effective of 2020’s iPhones – started at $699 / £699 / AU$1,199 while the iPhone 12 Pro Max cost $1,099 / £1,099 / AU$1,849. That said, there’s some evidence the worth could increase a touch.

Design: Little is predicted to vary from the iPhone 12, but it seems the corporate is going to be changing the planning of the rear camera. It’ll seemingly have a diagonal lens arrangement on the 2 cheaper phones, but the planning seems otherwise largely set to be almost like last year’s handsets, albeit with a rather smaller notch.

Colors: Apple may debut some new shades with the iPhone 13 series, and two rumored versions are pink and orange. Alongside those, we expect to ascertain similar shades to last-gen, like purple, black, and white.

Display: Screen sizes and resolutions are expected to remain equivalent across the range of iPhone 13 products, but both the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are heavily rumored to debut 120Hz refresh rates. meaning the image on these screens is going to be smoother than previous iPhones. Plus we’re expecting an always-on display on each handset, too.

Camera: Apple is predicted to be tweaking the camera on the iPhone 13 series, and therefore the two Pro handsets may get an upgraded ultra-wide shooter. The iPhone 13 Pro can also get an upgraded telephoto camera, plus some leaks suggest LiDAR might be present on all four models so you will have improved depth perception, though newer leaks don’t mention this, so don’t calculate it. video software improvements also are expected, including a replacement Portrait mode.

Specs: The A15 chipset will likely power each of those handsets, though current reports suggest this would possibly not bring an enormous power boost. it is also heavily rumored that Apple may bring out a 1TB iPhone for the primary time in 2021, so that’ll leave the most important iPhone sizes ever.

Battery: If the most important iPhone 13 battery leak is correct, you’ll expect a bigger battery inside 2021’s phones. These are expected to be notably larger, with the iPhone 13 expected to supply a 3,095mAh cell compared to the iPhone 12’s 2,805mAh. what is going to that mean? Expect a longer-lasting iPhone 13 then your previous iPhones.

Want the complete picture of the iPhone 13 leaks so far? you will find it below, where we run you thru every spec and detail of the subsequent iPhone series.

We’ve been covering Apple handsets since the very first iPhone was revealed by Steve Jobs in 2007, so we’re confident we’ve only brought you the foremost likely and coherent new iPhone new supported our analysis of dates, source validity, and, well, just what makes the foremost sense to us.


The iPhone 13 release date is probably going to be in September 2021, and that we expect it to hit stores on the fourth Friday of the month (meaning September 24). subsequent Apple event is about for September 14 – the corporate has confirmed that – so we’re likely to listen to about the phone then.

Before 2020, Apple has often announced its new iPhones on either the primary or second Tuesday of September then released them 10 days later. supported Apple’s usual approach we’d then expect pre-orders to open on September 17, with the release date being September 24 (the following Friday).


Previous iPhone release dates
Model Announced Released
iPhone 13 (predicted) September 14, 2021 September 17 / 24, 2021
iPhone 12 + 12 Pro October 13, 2020 October 23, 2020
iPhone 12 mini + 12 Pro Max October 13, 2020 November 13, 2020
iPhone 11 series September 10, 2019 September 20, 2019
iPhone XS series September 12, 2018 September 21, 2018
iPhone 8 series September 12, 2017 September 22, 2017

That’s in line with a date posted by a retailer. They list the iPhone 13 range for September 17, though it isn’t clear from the listing whether that’s a pre-order date or an on-sale date, and it’s possible this is often just a placeholder date anyway.

If these dates are right then the iPhone 13 range could land at a particularly busy time for smartphone launches.

There’s no guarantee this may be the iPhone 13 release date though, and that is mostly thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were pushed back to October in 2020, and therefore the other two devices – the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max – were released in November of that year.

Plus, apparently, the 2020 delay resulted in increased sales for the phones. which will mean Apple decides to stay to the present new window, but there is no real indication of that from leaks.

Apple is heavily rumored to be hosting another virtual event in 2021, instead of a physical launch for the iPhone 13. That likely doesn’t suggest much of a change for you, but it does suggest it’ll take a touch longer for press (like TechRadar) to be ready to touch the phones and provides you our first impressions.

iPhone 13 PRICE

The only big price leak about the iPhone 13 range suggests that the upcoming models will cost an identical amount to the iPhone 12 range. an equivalent source has now said this twice, and that is in line with what we had expected.

We’ll make certain to incorporate more 2021 iPhone price leaks and rumors as we hear them, but below you’ll see the costs for the iPhone 12 series that we’re relatively confident are going to be similar on the iPhone 13.

If anything, prices might rise slightly this year though. That’s very true outside the US, as there are rumors that much of the planet will get the mmWave 5G tech that US iPhone 12s already support, pushing the worth up within the process.

On top of that, we’ve also heard that one of Apple’s component suppliers is putting up its prices, which could push Apple to imitate. But we wouldn’t expect an enormous change.

iPhone 12 prices
Phone model US UK Australia
iPhone 12 mini $699 £699 AU$1,199
iPhone 12 $799 £799 AU$1,349
iPhone 12 Pro $999 $999 AU$1,699
iPhone 12 Pro Max $1,099 £1,099 AU$1,849


The iPhone 13 family is essentially expected to seem almost like the iPhone 12 series, but there are a couple of key differences that we’ve heard time and time again in leaks and rumors.

In the gallery below, you’ll see our own renders supported the leaks you’ll examine below. We’ve taken the knowledge we’ve heard from an entire host of various sources and created our own artist’s impression of what we expect to ascertain.

iPhone 13 sizes

One thing that probably won’t be changing is that the sizes of the phones, with leaks suggesting we’ll see four models, with equivalent screen sizes because of the iPhone 12 range.

That said, the size may vary slightly, with a report suggesting that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are going to be 7.57mm thick, making them 0.17mm thicker than their predecessors.

The same report suggests the camera blocks will stick out much further, with the iPhone 13 Pro’s apparently protruding by 3.65mm (compared to 1.7mm on the iPhone 12 Pro), and therefore the iPhone 13’s by 2.51mm (compared to 1.5mm on the iPhone 12).

A newer report puts the change in body thickness at just 0.1mm, but regardless of the case, it seems like the change is going to be minor.

This same report talked about changes to the camera block sizes, with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini apparently getting one with a 3.9cm diameter (up from 3.71cm), and therefore the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max’s having a 4.49cm diameter, up from 3.71cm on the iPhone 12 Pro, and 4cm on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.



We’re expecting a mixture of old and new shades for the iPhone 13 range, with a leak suggesting that the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max could are available black, silver, sunset gold (which is claimed to be a bronze shade), and rose gold (which is claimed to be very pale).

That rose gold color has since been leaked again, and you’ll see what it’d appear as if within the images below, though it’s worth noting that the source doesn’t have much of a diary.
Elsewhere, we’ve heard that we could also be seeing bitter floom and orange debut this year also.

That pink and orange rumor has come from a source without many diaries though, and one other leak suggested that orange apparently didn’t make it past the prototype stage. That said, the orange has been described as possibly bronze, so perhaps the bronze version did make it given the leak above.


One thing heavily rumored for the iPhone 12 that did not come to fruition was the addition of a 120Hz refresh rate display. But rumors suggest which will be introduced on the iPhone, and that’ll make the display look smoother when playing games or scrolling through your social media feed.

That technology can also add an identical thanks to what we have seen on the company’s iPad Pro range, where it’s ready to vary the refresh rate counting on what activity you’re doing on your phone.

Multiple rumors have suggested the 120Hz refresh rate feature could also be incoming, which includes reports from DigiTimes also as well-placed analysts that have further suggested this tech might only get on two of the four anticipated iPhone 13 models.


As for the camera, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo – who is usually right about Apple information – has suggested the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max’s ultra-wide camera could also be bumped to an f/1.8, six-element lens from the present f/2.4, five-element lens on the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

He additionally claims that the professional models will get autofocus for his or her ultra-wide lenses, with all four iPhone 14’s apparently getting this upgrade in 2022. And Kuo reiterated this claim in June 2021, so it seems he’s confident in it.


An FCC listing for a replacement MagSafe charger suggests the iPhone 13 is going to be compatible with this sort of tech. This was an iPhone 12 feature that permits you magnetically clip accessories and chargers onto the phone, and we’d hope peripherals for that device would be compatible with the iPhone 13.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that the iPhone might switch to soft board technology, which could leave physically smaller batteries without reducing the capacity.

In fact, Kuo has also said that the iPhone may need a better capacity battery than the iPhone 12. Kuo has repeated that claim again saying Apple is experimenting with a “space-saving design”, so he seems certain that this is often an improvement we’ll be seeing later within the year.

We’ve heard similar from TrendForce, which suggests that the iPhone 13 range will use a versatile circuit card instead of a rigid-flex one, with the previous being smaller and leaving room for bigger batteries.

A leak from Digital Chat Station on Weibo claims an identical thing, and it also provides us with potential battery capacities. If the leak is correct, we may even see the below in each of the models (plus we’ve included the sizes of the equivalent 2020 models too).

iPhone 13 leaked battery capacities

Model Size Last-gen size
iPhone 13 mini 2,406mAh 2,277mAh
iPhone 13 3,095mAh 2,805mAh
iPhone 13 Pro 3,095mAh 2,805mAh
iPhone 13 Pro Max 4,325mAh 3,687mAh


One source (leaker Jon Prosser) has also suggested that 2021 could also be once we see the introduction of 1TB iPhones. That’s a storage size the corporate hasn’t experimented with yet, a minimum of for its smartphones, and we’d expect it to be an option on the foremost expensive Pro handsets. We’ve heard this several times.

If Prosser’s information is correct, which will well bring the foremost expensive iPhone ever as that’s tons of storage on one handset. this type of option would be more useful for professionals than average users, except for now it’s just a prototype Apple is testing apparently.

That means we’d not see it, especially as another source points to the storage capacities remaining an equivalent as last year.

Performance should be boosted because it normally is per annum, but we’ve heard talk that advanced vapor chamber cooling goes to be deployed within the iPhone13 – though if it isn’t ready this year, we’d need to wait until the iPhone 14 to ascertain it.

We’ve also heard that the A15 chipset expected to power the iPhone13 range has entered production. The source of a report thereon topic also says that it is a 5nm chipset, which is that the same size because the A14, possibly meaning the improvements here won’t be massive. Though we’ve elsewhere heard it mentioned as ‘5nm+’.

Another source has also now said that the iPhone 13 range will have a 5nm chipset, with 3nm expected for the iPhone 14.

Another interesting rumor from a solid source suggests that the iPhone 13 models will tap into satellite networks so as to stay the devices connected when there is no phone signal or Wi-Fi available.

That said, newer reporting suggests this is often unlikely, with the iPhone 13 instead probably just having the ability to attach to extra spectrum for 5G connectivity. Satellite connections could still be planned, but probably just for emergency calls, and certainly not before the iPhone 14.

Mark Gurman (who features a good diary for Apple leaks) has gone into a touch more detail, saying that this is able to only be available “in areas with none cellular coverage” and “only in select markets”, but that it might allow users to send short messages when there is no network coverage.

These messages would apparently appear in grey within the Messages app, and satellite connections could take up to a moment to be established. So this would possibly not be replacing a normal phone signal albeit it does happen.


One thing we already know a good bit about is that the iPhone 13’s software, since it’s bound to run iOS 15, and while the next-gen software isn’t out yet it’s been announced by Apple.

Highlights of iOS 15 include various FaceTime improvements, like the power to hitch calls via an internet link which even Android users can access, plus spatial audio and voice isolation coming thereto.

Messages meanwhile will get status updates, a live text feature will allow you to translate text in images or copy it to a document, the weather app has been redesigned, Maps is getting new details for commercial districts and buildings, and more.


Source- Tech Radar

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