#JusticeForRailwayStudents Why It’s Trending? Khan Sir

Why Khan Sir Started #JusticeForRailwayStudents?

Welcome to all of you, In today’s video, Khan sir told us that how RRB ie Railway Recruitment Board has not issued any further process for the students so far, due to which all the students are facing problems. And all the students are from the middle family and the whole family so that they do not understand yet whether they should prepare for another phone or still wait for it.

The forms were filled in 2019 through RRB NTPC & GROUP D but No decision of any kind has come out so far, although last year, as Khan sir had trended on Twitter, In the same way for Justice Railway students, this time to Khan sir has said to all his audience and all students.

That the #JusticeForRailwayStudents students have to be friends for at least 12 days so that all the railway employees who are RRB employees should know about it and the government should look into this so that the matter is resolved as soon as possible.

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When Online Protest #JusticeForRailwayStudents Start?

In his today’s video, while telling about the farmers’ strike and the Bihar elections, he said that when all these things can happen, why can’t the exam be conducted, along he also said that this disease can be solved in a single day.

It will not happen, we will have to make it trend for at least 10 to 12 days or 15 days, due to which they will pay attention to this thing, along with this, you will have to get this thing done by your own parents as well, you will have to get it done by your teacher too.

Relatives will also have to get it done so that the government should pay attention to this fellow, in today’s video, he also said that every child, not every candidate, is asking for employment from you, the same people who have filled the form, who have filled the form by paying money, then you Get their bus exam conducted and take out its result, then those who are qualified will get their job and China will not get a job, no matter what, they are not even telling you anything, you have to do this, they told the government to Modi Ji.

kHAN sir

Khan Sir said, this was the case in today’s video of him and tomorrow morning at 11:00 am. It will be a trend on Twitter that #JusticeForRailwayStudent.

what People Posted on Twitter

These are the Situation of Railway Students, Some are Depressed, and some and Helpless Because their families also don’t support them.

So, This is the Humble Request to all, Come and Protest Online #JusticeForRailwayStudents.

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