IGNOU student avoids these 10 mistakes: Expert Advice

IGNOU student avoids these ten mistakes: There is not much information available about how to choose subjects before applying and what to do once enrolled in the program. Based on these expert tips, you should know what you should do and what you shouldn’t do while studying at IGNOU.


After the CUET results were announced, the rush for admission began. Open Schools and universities like IGNOU are popular with candidates who were not able to get into their preferred courses or colleges. IGNOU offers distance learning courses to over 33 lakh students, and every student relies on discipline and self-learning. A few things are essential to facilitate the learning process and progress.

While studying at IGNOU, you should be aware of the following tips from an expert.

Here are some common mistakes students make while studying at IGNOU:

Choosing your subject intelligently: Many students pick their subjects incorrectly at IGNOU. Choosing the subject involves many things – talking to seniors, surfing the internet, contacting teachers and instructors, etc.

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The choices they make are influenced by others. Some students choose a subject based on factors such as ‘it has a high score,’ ‘the chances of clearing the test easily are high,’ ‘high-quality study materials are available on the market’, etc. Soul-searching and understanding one’s own capabilities are what they fail to do.

Listen to everyone’s opinion, but follow your heart when choosing a subject at IGNOU. Know your subject, know your abilities, and act accordingly. Never decide on hearsay.

Save the username and password: When your admission is confirmed, you will receive a username and password. Make sure you write it down somewhere you can easily recall it. Many IGNOU students do not understand the importance of saving their name and password.

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Attend induction programme: After enrolling in a particular course at IGNOU, an induction programme is organized. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students. You get to know your seniors, build contacts, and learn so much about your course and IGNOU as a whole. As a result, you learn about the golden nuggets of your course, the preparation method, tips and tricks, and the contact information of your seniors. You cannot afford to lose this opportunity.

Never wait for books from IGNOU: Students frequently hold off on using the course materials that IGNOU provides. Instead, they ought to begin reading assistance books from reputable publishers who produce books for IGNOU students. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent books on the market that not only offer full understanding of the subject but also guarantee high grades on exams.

Don’t take IGNOU assignments lightly; they can raise your grade. It is crucial that you finish all of your tasks on time.

Not registering for the lab course: Students who do not register for the lab course are missing out on a significant opportunity because many IGNOU students are unaware that registration is required for the lab course. As a result, if you selected a lab course, you must register.

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Failure to visit the study centre: One of the most frequent errors that students make is failing to go to their study centres. But what many don’t realise is that the study centre is where instructors and seniors are available, which can be a huge assistance to them. They should make it a point to stop by their study centre at least once every month, despite the fact that other obligations may keep them too busy.

Ignoring the course coordinator or senior: The course coordinator or senior should be given proper consideration. They are a wonderful support and advantage to the students because they are knowledgeable about the specifics of the exam or course.

Language of choice: Some students choose to answer questions in Hindi or English. However, they write in their own tongue when taking exams. IGNOU has a very challenging method for this kind of error. Therefore, you must avoid making this mistake.

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Not preparing for exams: Some students fail to see the significance of exam preparation. As a result, people show up for it unprepared. Fortunately, there are now a lot of help books on the market from respected authors and publishers with an amazing track record. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you want to succeed.

These are the Mistake that every Ignou Student should Avoid.

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