IGNOU Solved Assignments 2022-2023 (Free & Paid)

IGNOU Solved Assignments 2021-22 – we’ve collected some assignment solutions of IGNOU Courses which you’ll find and download from this section. Each and each assignment available here are solved. it’s helpful for all students who need to submit their assignments to the IGNOU study center to attend their upcoming TEE Examination. Many of the scholars are spending far more time finding the assignment solutions for his or her selected program of IGNOU. Here, you’ll be ready to download the free available solutions with one click.

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It is mandatory to submit your assignment to the study center before maturity otherwise your assignment won’t acceptable. If you are doing not submit the assignment before maturity, you’ll be not permitted to seem within the upcoming TEE.

We hope that our given solution will help to write down your assignments easily and fast.

If you didn’t get your Assignment Questions yet then you’ll download an equivalent from the IGNOU Assignments section page. Just collect questions and begin writing your assignment with the available solutions.

IGNOU is extremely strict about checking assignments submitted by students to IGNOU Study Centre. Candidates need to exerting and write the simplest assignment solution before submitting it to the evaluation department. we’ve provided some solutions for just help to students but they need to require ideas from the given answer and make a replacement answer with their skills and knowledge.

If you copied all answers then it’s an opportunity that your assignment is going to be rejected by the university or fewer marks are going to be awarded. We advise you to form an answer of assignments by getting help from existing solved assignments and IGNOU Study Materials which are available online.

Before writing the solution to any assignment question, first, collect the answers from available online solutions and materials. Start writing a solution to every question in your own writing language which you understand from solutions and study materials.

If you are doing that without copying the solution then there’s an opportunity that you simply will get the simplest marks in your assignments by the evaluators.

IGNOU Solved Assignment (Free)

No Name of Program
1 IGNOU MBA Solved Assignment
2 IGNOU MCA Solved Assignment
3 IGNOU MCOM Solved Assignment
4 IGNOU MEG Solved Assignment
5 IGNOU BSc Solved Assignment
6 IGNOU BLIS Solved Assignment
7 IGNOU BCA Solved Assignment
8 IGNOU BEd Solved Assignment
9 IGNOU BCom Solved Assignment
10 IGNOU BA Solved Assignment

We have uploaded the above assignment solution for sample purposes only in order that candidates can make or can write the answer within the proper manner and elegance.

Read carefully each solution to form your assignment perfect to urge better marks in TEE results.

IGNOU Solved Assignment 2021-22 

It is possible that your requested program maybe not be available within the free version of the IGNOU Assignment solution so here is an alternative choice to urge your assignment solution as a paid version.

you’ll explore the list to seek out out your program to see whether your subject solution is out there for buy online.

IGNOU Assignment Front Page & Cover Page

At the time of writing your assignments or after completion of assignments, candidates are confused that what to write on the first page of their IGNOU Assignment so here is a solution to all your queries. We have made a list of all required details and information to be written on the cover page of your assignment solution.  Each and every detail is given in the following list is compulsory to write on the page.

  1. Program Full Name
  2. Course Code
  3. Course Title
  4. Assignment Code
  5. Study Centre
  6. Session Month & Year
  7. Mobile Number
  8. Enrollment Number
  9. Student Name
  10. Residence Address
  11. Signature
  12. Date

Click Here to Download the Front Page of IGNOU- CLICK HERE!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are these assignments?

The assignment is extremely important in IGNOU University we can’t pass only by giving the exam we’ve to submit the assignment because the assignment takes 30% weightage within the final exam.

  • What is a load of those assignments?

Assignments have 30% weighted within the program in order that we can’t ignore them. we’ve to write down the simplest assignment solution to urge higher marks during a result and it also increases our performance report in our grade card.

  • Without assignments our course is incomplete and that we must undergo complete.

In assignments, we must get 40% marks for passing, and thereafter we will fill IGNOU Exam Form to seem within the TEE Examination. e.g. if the assignment’s total marks are 100 then we’ve to urge a minimum of 40 marks to pass out.

  • How can we check our assignment status?

Visit this link of IGNOU Official Website for Assignment Status https://admission.ignou.ac.in/changeadmdata/StatusAssignment.ASP.

  • For Assignment/ Project/ Practical Submission Status Checking, Enter Enrollment No. (9 Digit)*.
  • Enter the Programme Code
  • Hit Submit Button and our Status will open up.


  • Can we submit assignments late?

No, we can’t submit IGNOU assignments late. The Late Fee isn’t for Late Submission of Assignments Actually, there’s NO Fee in the least to submit the signed Assignments. Hence, if we don’t want to submit a late fee, then either submit the assignment and examination form before or on March 31st or September 30.

  • How can we get good marks in IGNOU assignments?

To get good marks in IGNOU assignments we should always follow the followings methods:

(a) The matter (answers) should be ours.

(b) we should always not copy the solution of every and each question from the web or from our study material.

(c) we’ve to write down answers in our language while writing assignments.

(d) The more we show our efforts in writing, the more we’ll be noticed while checking the assignments.

(e) The presentation matters.

(f) The pages of our work should be properly attached inside a file.

(g) All answers should be written in good handwriting.

(h) Proper indentation must be used.

(i) Each and each answer should be properly numbered.

(j) Only white A4 sheets should be used while writing answers.

(k) a replica of printed assignments should be attached at the starting of the file alongside the assignment code for further reference.

  • Is it Compulsory to submit assignments?

Yes, every IGNOU students need to write and submit assignments to SC before maturity. If any student did not submit then he/she cannot attend the Term End Exam conducted by IGNOU University. we will also get bits of help from IGNOU Solved Assignments to organize the simplest assignment sheet for submitting to the middle.

FAQs – IGNOU Assignment Front Page

  • Is IGNOU Assignment Front Page Compulsory?
        Yes, It is mandatory for submitting the assignment.
  • Are Typed or Printed Assignments Valid?
        No. Computer Typed or Printed Assignments are not valid.
  • Do I Need to Create Cover Page for Each Assignment?
         Yes, You have to create a front page on every assignment of each subject.
  • Do I Make Separate File or Sheets for Each Subject?
        Yes, It will be easier for students to evaluate your assignments.
  • What Type of Paper or Sheet Should I Use?
         Candidates should use A4 Size Ruled Sheets.

IGNOU Solved Assignments 2020-21 | 2021-22 Download Solved Pdf Free & Paid Download.


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