What is the IGNOU passing mark?

In this Post, We are Talking about IGNOU Passing Mark and the Criteria of Passing Marks on different Subjects.

There are many candidates who are confused about the minimum or passing marks in IGNOU to become eligible for their chosen programmed. Every student seeking admission to IGNOU is curious about the pass marks required to pass both the theory and practical papers of the term-end examination. 

We just want to clarify about passing marks which does not mean that you just prepared to get minimum marks in the exam so study hard to get maximum marks in IGNOU Term End Exam.

Here we provide you with an easy way to determine whether you need the exact mark you need to complete your programme from IGNOU, regardless of the subjects in the theory papers or the assignments. The marks are also different for Master Degree courses and other courses offered by IGNOU.


What are the Passing Marks for IGNOU Assignments?

You need to get 40 marks for passing IGNOU assignments out of total 100 marks. The required mark will remain the same for all IGNOU academic courses. Candidates who didn’t get the minimum marks in their IGNOU assignments need to submit those assignments again to IGNOU.

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IGNOU Passing Marks for Term End Exam (TEE)

  • The minimum mark to pass the Master’s degree program’s theory or practical papers is 40 marks out of 100.
  • In TEE, the passing mark is 35 out of 100 for Bachelor’s degree programs and all other programs.

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Other Passing Marks in IGNOU

Candidates must score at least 25 out of 70 marks if the question paper carries 70 marks. A bachelor degree exam will have a maximum of 50 marks and a master degree exam will have a maximum of 20 marks.

IGNOU Term End Examination passes are based on the required passing marks you need to qualify. If after reading a lot of articles you are still confused about the Passing Marks in IGNOU, let us know your question here by writing and commenting.

Marks Given in Grade Card

S.No.GradeMarks Obtained
1A80 and above
2B60 to 79
3C50 to 59
4D40 to 49
5E35 to 39
6FBelow 35

Q1. What is the passing marks for IGNOU out of 100?

In order to pass the IGNOU Bachelor’s exam, you need to score 35%, which is 35 marks out of 100. To pass the TEE exam, you must get at least 35 marks. Additionally, you must obtain 50 marks out of 100 for the assignment exams. Master’s students must secure 40% marks in theory papers.

Q2. How can someone pass the IGNOU exam?

By going through previous year’s question papers, you are most likely to pass the IGNOU exam. The students who have given IGNOU exams in the past say that, if you study the previous year question papers, you will get an idea of the pattern of the exam and most of the questions come directly from the previous year papers.

If you follow this approach, you can pass it with high marks easily.

Q3. What is the passing mark for BSc in IGNOU?

IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) requires 35% out of 100 to pass. To pass, you must achieve 35% minimum in your coursework and 50% in your assignments.

Q4. What is the passing marks for the MPA program at IGNOU?

A total of 40%. Let’s assume you scored 60 in theory. Calculate 70%, which is 42. Additionally, if you scored 80 in TMA, then the result is 30%, which is 24. As a result, your imprints on a specific subject will be 42+24= 66

Q5. How can students check their IGNOU passing marks?

We will provide some easy steps for checking passing marks on the official site for different subjects.
The first step is to visit the IGNOU website http://ignou.ac.in.
On the Home Page, you need to select the subject of your choice.
You can download your passing score by clicking the Download button.
Open it in PDF by saving it.

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