IGNOU Dual Degree program from this session 2022

IGNOU Dual Degree: Introduces a dual degree program from this session IGNOU is preparing to launch a dual degree program that will let students pursue degrees from any other varsity study at IGNOU online or through open and distance learning. NEW DELHI: (ODL).


The decision was made at the university’s 78th academic council meeting, and this clause is now in effect for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. “A student who has applied for admission to one regular, online, or ODL program at a different university than IGNOU is allowed to simultaneously apply for an ODL or online program at IGNOU. However, if dates for any such programs in which a student has been admitted conflict, there won’t be any changes made to the examination schedule “a notice from the institution stated.

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But the student must apply for admission in two distinct cycles if they want to pursue both IGNOU degrees. The IGNOU offers admission twice a year, in the July and December semesters.
“The credits for such courses will only be provided for one of these programs if a student enrolls in two such programs that share a specified number of courses. In these situations, students must take comparable courses for the other program in order to finish it and receive a degree “the notification was added.

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What Agency said on IGNOU Dual Degree Program

In such a situation, the university will make the necessary arrangements for the choice of substitute courses. But for the time being, dual degree programs in technical fields that fall under the purview of regulating agencies like the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), and the Indian Nursing Council (INC) won’t be allowed. The implementation of courses that are offered in association with other universities will also be prohibited.

According to IGNOU, “the provision has been created in addition to the current policy on studying two academic programs simultaneously under which a student may pursue a certificate program of six months in addition to any other program of the university subject to a maximum of two programs.”
Students who took two academic courses at once before the notification cannot claim any retroactive benefits, it was added.

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