Watch Comic Vir Das ‘I Come From 2 Indias’ Monologue

Controversy: The controversy started after Vir Das posted a video filmed at his show at Washington’s Kennedy Centre.

Vir Das on Monday posted a video filmed at his show at Washington’s Kennedy Centre. In a six-minute monologue, he describes two contrasting faces of the country and refers to many recent controversial topics in broad strokes.

“I come from an India that has the largest working population under 30 on the planet but still listens to 75-year-old leaders with 150-year-old ideas,” he says in the viral monologue.

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Many shared his lines on Twitter. Vir Das was also trolled in equal measure.

“Please do not be fooled by edited snippets. People cheer for India with hope, not hate. People clap for India with respect, not malice. I take pride in my country, and I carry that pride across the world,” he said.

Congress leader Kapil Sibal came out in his support on Twitter.

The 42- time-old stage-up comic last evening put out an explanation that he noway intended to affront the nation, that his piece was a lampoon.

“The videotape is a lampoon about the duality of two veritably separate Indias that do different effects. Like any nation has light and dark, good and evil within it. None of this is a secret. The videotape prayers for us to noway forget that we’re great. To noway stop fastening on what makes us great. It ends in a gigantic nationalistic round of applause for a country we all love, believe in, and are proud of. That there’s further to our country than the captions, a deep beauty. That” s the point of the videotape and the reason for the applause,”Vir Das said in his statement.

Here You Can Watch the Video.

Credit- Vir Das YT Channel

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