How to Submit TEE December 2021 Online Assignments

Guidelines for Submission of TEE December 2021 Online Assignments

(PS: TEE December 2021 Learner can submit a hard copy at Study Centre, wherever accepted)
As per communication received from IGNOU Headquarters., Learners can submit handwritten, scanned assignments for the TEE December 2021 session, on the specified email ids /Google Links of their concerned Study Centre, as uploaded on RC Delhi 3 website or More. Please go through the detailed guidelines on this website before submitting the online assignments.

The last date for submission of Assignments is 30.09.2021

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  • Do not submit an assignment at Regional Centre Delhi 3 email id.
  • Do not submit multiple copies of your assignment. Submit only once.
  • Do not attach a PDF file having access  restriction (file requiring  access permission should be avoided)
“There might be a delay in declaration of  assignment results in case if the above three instructions are not followed.”
  • In case assignment submission receipt is not received by you online after submitting assignments at your Study Centre assignment submission email/Link, the sent report of your assignment submission email /link may be retained as assignment submission receipt.
  • Marks of the assignment submitted will be reflected only with the TEE December 2021 result grade card.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. 1. What is the last date of submission of the online assignment?

Ans. The assignment submission date is 30th September 2021 for December TEE 2021.

Ques. 2. How can we get assignment questions?

Ans. You can download assignment questions at the IGNOU website i.e. If assignment questions are not available, email/ contact the concerned school of study or programme coordinator of your course. Assignment questions are uploaded on the website by concerned schools.

Ques 3. Can Assignment responses be submitted in typed format?

Ans. No, Assignment responses should always be handwritten.

Ques 4. How can we do assignments if we do not have A4 size pages and can’t get them since in lockdown period book stores and stationeries are closed?

Ans. In case A4 writing paper is not available to you, you may use any kind of writable paper to complete your assignment.

Ques. 5. What is the procedure for submitting the assignment?

Ans. You have to submit a scanned copy of your handwritten solved assignment along with a scanned copy of the I-card and assignment question at the email ID provided by your allotted study centre. Pl. see ‘Important Information for Online Assignment Submission’ and Study Center wise Assignment submission contact emails given
at Regional Centre Delhi 3 website or Other RC’s.

Ques. 6 Where do we submit online assignments?

Ans. Submit your online assignment directly on the email id provided by your study center. Pl. see Regional Centre Delhi 3 website for given guidelines and email id/link of your allotted Study Centre. It may be ensured that the assignment responses are not sent to any other email id of the University

Ques. 7. Can we submit the assignments one by one separately from the same email id?
Ans. Yes

Ques. 8. Can we email assignments separately if we are not able to attach all assignments together in one email id?

Ans. You can send the course-wise assignment attachment separately one by one by email if all assignments cannot be attached together in a single email.

Ques. 9. How can we know that we have submitted our assignment online correctly?

Ans. If any discrepancy is found in the assignments submitted, it will be returned back to the learner for correction and resubmitting.

Ques. 10. How can we get the foundation of the assignment awards from the previous session?

Ans. Please contact your study centre regarding the issue. The pending assignment award updation issue will be resolved after the lockdown period.

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