How to Change Your Disney+ Email ID or Password

It is easy to adjust your Disney+ account settings, whether you have changed your email address or want a stronger password. We’ll show you how.

Strong passwords are important, and you probably know that. However, do you also consider the need to change your password regularly? Having a unique password for each service is especially helpful if you use the same password for multiple services. Disney+ subscribers found that out the hard way when their credentials were exposed by a third party due to the reuse of passwords across multiple services.

Additionally, you may need to update your Disney+ email address. You may have switched email providers or changed your email address to something more professional.

It’s easy to update your Hotstar email address and password (your login credentials), and we’ll show you how.


How to Change Your Email and Password on Disney+

Whether you want to change your email address or password on Disney+, you must have access to the email address currently registered to the account. That’s because you’ll be sent a one-time passcode to confirm your identification.

You can change these details through the Disney+ website or the mobile app, whichever you prefer.

  1. On desktop, hover your profile picture in the top-right. On mobile, tap your profile picture in the bottom-right.
  2. Select Account.
  3. Select the pencil icon next to your email address or password—whichever you wish to change.
  4. This will trigger a one-time passcode to your email. Enter this in the field. The passcode can only be used once and will expire 15 minutes after receipt.
  5. Enter your new email address or password.
  6. Select Save.

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Don’t Share Your Password, Create Profiles

  Disney+ subscribers should not share their passwords with other people if they want to enjoy the service. Rather, create a profile for your account, which gives them a place to watch and receive recommendations. Disney+ is available for up to seven profiles per subscription, so there’s plenty of room for everyone.  

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