How to Watch Disney+ Hotstar without Subscription (and Save Money)

You should switch to an annual Disney+ Hotstar subscription if you plan to stick with the service for a long time.

Disney+ Hotstar has experienced rapid growth since its launch, despite being a successful launch. You can watch classic Disney films as well as original shows and movies such as The Mandalorian and Hawkeye on Disney Channel.

Consider upgrading to the annual Disney+ subscription plan if you’re a monthly subscriber. It locks you in for a year, but you save money overall. It’s the obvious choice if you’re committed to Disney+ Hotstar in the long run.

Here’s how to switch from a monthly to an annual Disney+ subscription.

How to Change to an Annual Disney+ Subscription

In the US, a month-to-month Disney+ subscription costs Rs 593.86, even as an annual subscription costs Rs 5945.26. That represents a nearly 20% saving in comparison to paying every month. The best disadvantage to annual is which you pay the value in advance and can not alternate your thoughts mid-way through the year.

If you have determined that Disney+ is really well worth the cash and also you need to alternate your subscription from month to month to annual, it is nice to accomplish that on a browser. Although you may provoke the stairs thru the Disney+ app, at a positive level it redirects you to an internet browser anyway.

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Here’s a way to alternate your Disney+ subscription (from month-to-month to annual or vice versa):

  1. Go to the Disney+ website.
  2. In the top-right, hover your profile picture and click Account.
  3. Click Disney+ (monthly) or Disney+ (annual).
  4. Click Switch to annual or Switch to monthly.
  5. Confirm your payment details and complete the transaction.

Disney+ Continues to Grow and Improve

Though you might have held off subscribing to Disney+ on an annual plan, now might be the time. Disney continues to improve the service through features like IMAX Enhanced. It’s also committed to broadening the content, with more shows from brands like Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel all in the works.

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