What is the ‘Desh ke Mentor’ program, how to Join Desh Ke Mentor Programme

The “Desh ke mentor” program entails “adopting” one to 10 government school students who can be mentored by citizens who are successful in their respective fields.

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener Arvind Kejriwal will launch the “Desh Ke Mentor” program in all schools of the capital at 11 am on Monday (October 11, 2021). The objective of this program is to empower the students studying in government schools of Delhi and show them the way forward.

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The appeal of the government is that the future of the country can be well-groomed by grooming the tomorrow of a child. This work can be done by becoming a “mentor of the country”. The AAP government says, “To bring a big change in the lives of the children studying in Delhi government schools, you should also be a part of the mentor program of the country. These kids need you. You can play the role of elder brother or sister by giving advice in terms of their studies and career. If you hold their fingers a little far and walk together, then they will be able to easily decide the distance of their dreams.

Who can become a Desh Ke Mentor?

There should be some qualifications to become a mentor under this program of the Kejriwal government. The age of the said person should be less than 35 years. Also, he should be educated from a good university or young professional or entrepreneur and doing his own business or doing something good in sports/writing/singing/art field.

If you think that by becoming a mentor, you can shape the future of children, then the government has also given a number for this. Interested people have to give missed call on this. This number is 75-0004-0004.

A senior official was quoted in media reports as saying that if anyone wants to guide young children, then he can fill his application through the mobile app developed by Delhi Technological University.

A senior official of the Directorate of Education also said that under the program, the mentor will have to be in constant touch (through phone) with the selected children.

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The program will be formally launched in September and is currently underway on a pilot project, which Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has claimed has been a huge success.

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