CBSE Class 10, 12 Sample Paper 2021-22: Marking Scheme

CBSE Class 10, 12 Sample Papers 2022 are released and are now available for all subjects. Check how marks would be awarded. paper pattern of subjects and teacher’s review of sample papers.

Central Board of education, CBSE yesterday released the CBSE Class 10, 12 Sample Papers 2022 for the upcoming Term 1 board examinations. The sample papers are for the Term 1 exams which are to be conducted in November –December. Students would get 90 minutes to answer the questions which might be supported 50% of the syllabus and also carry 50% of the idea paper marks.


  • CBSE Class 10, 12 Sample Papers 2022 have been released on the official website
  • Only Term 1 Sample Papers have been released at present.
  • CBSE Board Exams 2022 Term! would be conducted in November – December and would be of 90 minutes duration each.

The marking scheme and therefore the question paper pattern for the CBSE Sample Papers 2022 are explained below. it’s going to be noted that the utmost marks are supported the entire marks of the idea paper of that subject. the amount of questions, however, is predicated on the time given of 90 minutes and therefore the time it’s going to fancy solve the question. Download CBSE Sample Papers 2022 Class 10, 12 here.

Accordingly, more questions are there for purely theory-based subjects like History, Biology in school 12 and science , English in school 10 while the lesser number of questions are there in practical based subjects like Mathematics in Classes 10 and 12.

CBSE Class 10, 12 Sample Papers 2022: Marking Scheme, Paper Pattern Explained

CBSE has introduced choices in most of the question papers. Students would be required to aim the number of questions as specified. there’s no negative marking and everyone’s questions would carry equal marks.

CBSE Class 10 Term I Exam – Question Paper Pattern and Marking Scheme

Subject Theory Marks Term 1 Marks No. of Questions
Science 80 40 50
English 80 40 50
Hindi 80 40 40
Maths 80 40 40
Social Science 80 40 50

CBSE Class 12 Term I Exam – Question Paper Pattern and Marking Scheme

Subject Theory Marks Term 1 Marks No. of Questions
English 80 40 50
Accountancy 80 40 45
Biology 70 35 50
Business Studies 80 40 50
Chemistry 70 35 45
Economics 80 40 50
Geography 70 35 50
History 80 40 50
Mathematics 40 40 40
Physical Education 70 35 50
Physics 70 35 45
Political Science 80 40 50

Teachers raise concerns over CBSE Sample Paper Marking Scheme

A few teachers have raised concerns over the disparity within the number of questions for the MCQ-based examination. While the logic for more questions is sound, many have raised concern over the disparity.

“For an MCQ question carrying equal weightage, the very fact remains that a semblance of equity needs to be maintained. However, with the present marking scheme, the scholars attempting more questions for fewer marks have a bigger margin of error. for instance, a student has got to get 45 questions right to attain 35 marks in Physics, 40 questions for 40 marks in Maths, and 50 questions right for 35 marks in Biology,” explains Ms. Parul.

“Understand it like this, if a student was to urge 10 answers wrong in Maths, he/she loses 10 marks but if he/she gets 10 answers wrong in Physics, which is partially practical and partially theory, he/she gets 28 – that’s loses 7 marks. On the opposite hand, for a purely theory-based paper-like biology, a mistake of 10 questions would result a score of 28.7 out of 35 – a loss of roughly 6.3 marks – does a bigger margin of error.”


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