What are the career options after completing IGNOU?

What You Can Do After Graduating from IGNOU – IGNOU is among the largest distance-learning universities on both the national and international levels. Apart from being the largest, the university is also known to be one of the most recognized universities in different parts of the world. Yet, many students wonder if they will be able to get a better job after passing out from IGNOU’s Distance Learning program. There are various reasons for this.  

The Growing Worth of Distance Learning:

As a result, companies understand that a distance learning degree from a recognized university is as valuable as a regular degree. Many companies accept students with IGNOU degrees for job applications since IGNOU is one of the most prestigious and well-known universities in India. Today, candidates with an IGNOU graduation degree can be found not only in India, but also around the world.


In addition to participating in the private sector, candidates with a graduation from IGNOU may also take part in several national competitive exams, such as the UPSC, IBPS, and many others.

The Study Module and Curriculum:

At the university, study modules and syllabus are carefully designed by experts. There are many competitive exams in India that follow the same syllabus as the IGNOU graduation course. SBI PO, for example, is one such exam. Additionally, the curriculum was designed so that the students must study the modules properly in order to pass the exam. In addition to the theoretical elements taught in the modules, they should also complete a project that allows them to gain practical experience. As a result, IGNOU students graduating from regular colleges have the same credentials as students graduating from regular colleges.

Recruitment Drive:

Besides allowing candidates to take different competitive exams and apply for different jobs, IGNOU offers more than just a graduation degree. Additionally, IGNOU runs recruitment drives through which candidates can apply for positions within the university, either at IGNOU’s headquarter or in regional offices.

In addition to Infosys, Barclays, Mahindra, Shopper’s Stop, Axis Bank, and other well-known companies, there are periodic placement drives at the university. 

The IGNOU has a long history of recognizing distance learning education. Interested students can sign up for such drives and could be placed in appropriate jobs. In order to offer the finest options and opportunities for students studying at the university, the university is enhancing its facilities, even more.

IGNOU passing mark

Moreover, students who receive their graduation degree from IGNOU have a much better chance of finding employment in the government sector as well as in the private sector.

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