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Atiq Ahmed has been in the news a lot recently, and you may be wondering who he is, what he does, and why his name keeps popping up. In this article, we will answer all your questions about Atiq Ahmed and share various details about his life so far.


Who is Atique Ahmed

Atiq Ahmed is currently an Indian politician, his name is often associated with criminal activities. While there was a time when Atiq was involved in the world of crime, he turned towards politics and hasn’t looked back since. However, recent events suggest otherwise, as his name has been linked to the murder case of Raju Pal and Umesh Pal.

Atiq Ahmed Birth and Age  

NameAtique Ahmed
Birth10 August 1962
Birth placePrayagraj
Age60 years
Political partySamajwadi Party
Marital statusMarried
CaseMurder Charges

Atiq Ahmed Early Life

Atiq Ahmed’s father, Firoz, worked as a tonga driver at Allahabad railway station, a job he did not enjoy. As a result, he became involved in politics and made it a part of his life.

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Atiq Ahmed got involved in the world of criminal activities

At the age of 17, Atiq Ahmed committed his first murder, which left him in fear and eventually got his name recorded in police records. Over time, his list of charges grew, with over 80 cases registered against him, including murder, kidnapping, obstruction of government work, breach of peace, misuse of licensed arms, and Goonda Act, among others. These charges were reported in different states, including Allahabad, Lucknow, Kaushambi, Chitrakoot, and Deoria.

Atiq Ahmed Political Career

Here are the political journey details of Atiq Ahmed in points:

Member of Legislative Assembly:

  • 1989: Won the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections from the Allahabad West constituency as an independent candidate.
  • 1991: Contested and won the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections from Allahabad West as an independent candidate.
  • 1993: Won the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections for the third time as an independent candidate from Allahabad West.
  • 1996: Contested and won the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly from the Allahabad West constituency on a ticket from the Samajwadi Party (SP).
  • 1999-2003: Served as the president of Apna Dal for Uttar Pradesh.
  • 2002: Re-elected as an MLA from the Allahabad West constituency on a ticket from Apna Dal (Kamerawadi) party.
  • 2012: Contested the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections from the Allahabad West constituency on a ticket from the Apna Dal (Kamerawadi) party.
  • 2021: Joined the All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) party.

Note: Atiq filed nominations for various elections while behind bars. In 2012, he contested the election on a ticket from Apna Dal (Kamerawadi) party, after the Samajwadi Party expelled him and the Bahujan Samaj Party refused to give him a ticket as he was serving his imprisonment in jail. Despite filing nominations from the Basti Jail, Uttar Pradesh, and submitting a bail application at the Allahabad High Court, his petition was rejected by ten judges. However, the 11th judge granted him bail. Atiq was released from jail one day before the elections, but he lost the seat to Pooja Pal, a politician.

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Member of Parliament:

  • 2004-2009: Contested the General elections for the Phulpur Lok Sabha seat on a ticket from the Samajwadi Party (SP) and was elected to the 14th Lok Sabha.

All Charges on Atique Ahmed

Cases Where Charges Framed:

  • 22 charges related to criminal intimidation (IPC Section-506)
  • 8 charges related to Murder (IPC Section-302)
  • 8 charges related to Attempt to Murder (IPC Section-307)
  • 4 charges related to Cheating and dishonesty inducing delivery of property (IPC Section-420)
  • 4 charges related to Kidnapping or abducting in order to murder (IPC Section-364)
  • 3 charges related to Extortion by putting a person in fear of death or grievous hurt (IPC Section-386)
  • 3 charges related to extortion (IPC Section-384)
  • 2 charges related to Voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty (IPC Section-332)
  • 2 charges related to Forgery for the purpose of cheating (IPC Section-468)
  • 2 charges related to Putting a person in fear of death or of grievous hurt, in order to commit extortion (IPC Section-387)
  • 2 charges related to House-trespass after preparation of hurt, assault or wrongful restraint (IPC Section-452)
  • 2 charges related to Causing disappearance of evidence of an offence, or giving false information to screen the offender (IPC Section-201)
  • 1 charge related to House-trespass in order to commit an offence punishable with imprisonment (IPC Section-451)
  • 1 charge related to Voluntarily causing grievous hurt (IPC Section-325)
  • 1 charge related to Promoting enmity between different groups on the ground of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony (IPC Section-153A)
  • 1 charge related to Giving or fabricating false evidence with the intent to procure the conviction of a capital offence (IPC Section-194)
  • 1 charge related to Threatening any person to give false information (IPC Section-195A)
  • 1 charges related to Kidnapping or abducting with intent secretly and wrongfully to confine the person (IPC Section-365)
  • 1 charge related to Wrongfully concealing or keeping in confinement, a kidnapped or abducted person (IPC Section-368)
  • 1 charges related to false evidence (IPC Section-193)
  • 1 charge related to dacoity (IPC Section-395)
  • 1 charge related to Voluntarily causing hurt to extort property, or to constrain to an illegal act (IPC Section-327)
  • 1 charge related to Mischief with the intent to destroy or make unsafe a decked vessel or one of twenty tons burden (IPC Section-437)
  • 1 charge related to Voluntarily causing hurt in committing robbery (IPC Section-394)

Cases Where Cognizance Taken:

  • 19 charges related to Punishment for Rioting (IPC Section-147)
  • 19 charges related to Punishment of criminal conspiracy (IPC Section-120B)
  • 19 charges related to Intentional insult with the intent to provoke a breach of the peace (IPC Section-504)
  • 15 charges related to Rioting, armed with a deadly weapon (IPC Section-148)
  • 13 charges related to Every member of unlawful assembly guilty of the offense committed in the prosecution of a common object (IPC Section-149)
  • 13 charges related to Mischief causing damage to the amount of fifty rupees (IPC Section-427)
  • 11 charges related to voluntarily causing hurt (IPC Section-323)
  • 7 charges related to wrongful Confinement (IPC Section-342)
  • 6 charges related to the Act endangering life or personal safety of others (IPC Section-336)
  • 5 charges related to Acts done by several persons in furtherance of a common intention (IPC Section-34)
  • 5 charges related to wrongful restraint (IPC Section-341)
  • 4 charges related to house trespass (IPC Section-448)
  • 3 charges related to Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty (IPC Section-353)
  • 3 charges related to cheating by personation (IPC Section-419)
  • 2 charges related to criminal trespass (IPC Section-447)
  • 1 charge related to Disobedience to an order duly promulgated by a public servant (IPC Section-188)
  • 1 charge related to making use of any such false mark (IPC Section-488)
  • 1 charge related to Negligent conduct with respect to an explosive substance (IPC Section-286)
  • 1 charge related to Wantonly giving provocation with intent to cause riot-if rioting be committed-if not committed (IPC Section-153)
  • 1 charge related to Being a member of an unlawful assembly (IPC Section-143)
  • 1 charge related to Using as genuine a forged document or electronic
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Atiq Ahmed Recent News

Atiq Ahmed has been accused of killing Umesh Pal after already being accused of killing Raju Pal. A case has been filed against him for both murders, resulting in legal action being taken, including the Uttar Pradesh government demolishing his illegal constructions. This serves as a warning to others considering similar crimes.

His son, Asad Ahmed, and Ghulam, the shooter involved in the Umesh Pal murder case, have both been killed in an encounter with the Uttar Pradesh Police after being on the run. They were hiding near a dam situated between Baragaon and Chirgaon and were surrounded by the UP STF. Both sides fired, resulting in their deaths.

Atiq Ahmed has taken responsibility for the murder of Umesh Pal. He will not be allowed to attend his son’s last rites due to his involvement in the crimes. The bodies of Asad and Ghulam are being transported to Prayagraj for their last rites, and Atiq Ahmed had previously missed his father Firoz Ahmed’s funeral due to being incarcerated.

Atique Ahmed Assests and Properties

Asset CategoryAsset TypeValue
Movable AssetsCashRs. 5,26,700
Movable AssetsBank DepositsRs. 1,01,52,759
Movable AssetsBonds, Debentures & Shares in CompaniesRs. 20,00,000
Movable AssetsMotor VehiclesRs. 32,76,000
Movable AssetsOther Assets & WeaponsRs. 20,64,856
Immovable AssetsAgricultural LandRs. 6,31,58,000
Immovable AssetsNon-Agricultural LandRs. 7,86,10,000
Immovable AssetsCommercial BuildingsRs. 1,25,00,000
Immovable AssetsResidential BuildingsRs. 9,56,70,000

Facts about Atiq Ahmed

  • Atiq was widely known as “Atiq Pehelwaan”
  • His name can also be spelled as Atique Ahmed or Ateeq Ahmed.
  • In addition to being a politician, Atiq was involved in contracting, property dealing, and agriculture.
  • On August 8, 2002, Atiq Ahmed, the sitting Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Allahabad West, survived a bomb attack during a court hearing.
  • The attack was allegedly a result of Atiq’s rivalry with Mayawati, and he accused the Superintendent of Police Lalji Shukla and the then CM of Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati, of plotting the attack.
  • However, some sources suggest that Atiq staged the attack to gain national attention.


Who is Atiq Ahmed?

Atiq Ahmed is the MP of Samajwadi Party.

Where does Atiq Ahmed live from?

Atiq Ahmed is a resident of Prayagraj.

Whom did Atiq Ahmed kill?

The BSP MLA was murdered.

Where did Atiq Ahmed surrender?

Surrendered after going to Delhi.

Who prosecuted Atiq Ahmed? 

Mayawati had started the case.

What is the Name of Atiq Ahmed Sons?

Atiq Ahmed having 5 Sons named as Aizan Ahmed, Aban Ahmed, Ali Ahmed, Umar Ahmed, Asad.

Who is the Wife of Atiq Ahmed?

Shaista Parveen is the Wife of Atiq Ahmed.

Which Weapon used to Kill Atiq Ahmed

Banned Pistol used to kill Atiq Ahmed.

What is the names of Atiq Ahmed Brothers?

Brother– Ashraf alias Khalid Azim alias Khalid Azeem Ashraf (politician; younger brother)

What is the Net Worth of Atiq Ahmed?

Atiq Ahmed’s net worth for the financial year 2014 was estimated to be Rs. 26 crores. It excludes the net worth of his wife and dependent (minors).

What is the Age of Atiq Ahmed?

Atiq Ahmed age is 60 Years.

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