How to Activate Airtel E-sim in iPhone | All You Need to Know About eSIM 2022

How to Activate Airtel E-sim in iPhone | All You Need to Know About eSIM: Each of us has a SIM card inside our smartphones, and we frequently use two at once. We have frequently observed how it appears, especially when attempting to place one of these little cards into the slots on our phone.

Airtel E-sim

Particularly now, when mobile internet and phone conversations are so ingrained in our daily lives, the significance of the SIM card cannot be overstated.

It’s simple to get a new SIM card; all you need to do is bring the proper paperwork to the store, supply all the requested information, and your new SIM will be activated in a matter of hours.

However, carrying a real SIM card can wind up being very difficult, which is why you should switch to an Airtel E-sim right away!

Characteristics of an Airtel E-sim

The eSIM is a potent tool made specifically to assist consumers. It is one of the most recent innovations that emerged as part of the push for the Internet of Things and does not require a slot inside your smartphone (IoT).

An eSIM’s absence of a physical counterpart makes it one of a kind. It is easily downloadable via the internet with assistance from Airtel. The biggest benefit of acquiring an eSIM is the elimination of the need for a real SIM card.

Benefits of using an Airtel E-sim instead of a regular SIM card

When you have an eSIM on hand, purchasing a new smartphone does not require you to remove the card from one device and insert it into another. Additionally, this new SIM card eliminates the possibility of losing or just having your SIM physically damaged.

By skipping all those requirements, you can immediately connect to Airtel’s faultless network. With an Airtel eSIM, you can enjoy fantastic cellphone reception wherever you go, lightning-fast 4G internet, few call dropouts, and more.

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Where can I get an Airtel eSIM?

You may easily obtain your new Airtel eSIM for your smartphone by following these three simple steps:

  • Send a text message to 121 with the subject ‘eSIM>registered email id’ to start the process of receiving the eSIM.
  • If your email address is current, 121 will send you an SMS to let you know the procedure has begun. Within 60 seconds, reply with “1” to this SMS.
  • If your email address is invalid, 121 will notify you of this and provide instructions on how to change your email address.
  • Then, a QR code will be sent to your email address, which you must instantly scan using the camera on your phone.
  • You will then receive a second SMS from 121 asking for your permission to proceed with the eSIM activation process via a phone call.
  • The eSIM activation will take about two hours.

Note that different smartphones have different ways of scanning QR codes for your eSIM. So that you may better comprehend the complete procedure, go to the Airtel eSIM website.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new one, consider switching to one with the eSIM capability so you can start exploring the SIM card of the future right away!

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